Maintenance Club of Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery

The purpose of the LOFC Maintenance Club is to provide a monthly income stream to pay the expenses incurred to maintain the cemetery without having to use capital from the Endowment Fund. By covering its monthly expenses to maintain and preserve our historic cemetery, LOFC can grow the Endowment Fund so that in the future it will provide self-sustaining and perpetual care. We appreicate the generosity of the members of the LOFC Maintenance Club and invite you to join today.

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Barrett, Mildred
Bouchillon, Gene
Eason, Julia (Ruby)
Gwin, Wyatt
Imm, Sylvia (Ruby)
Maraska, Keturah (Thurmond)
Meek, Lee
Mirick, Carolyn (Cunningham)
Murphree, Lynn
Pepper, Rebecca (Sinclair)
Phillips, Cheryl
Roberts, Sayle (Weathersby)
Smith, Douglas
Tailyour, Amanda (Povall)
Truitt, Roger
Waldrop, Kathleen (Hooker) & Art
Watson, Jim
Weathersby, Norman & Ann
White, William Benton