Grave sites are available for purchase at Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery at the following prices:

Number of Graves




10' x 5'



10' x 10'



10' x 20'


Lots 580 through 588 are for sale and are marked with corner stones. These are all 4-space lots but may be divided to meet the needs of the purchaser. The lots are all in one row and located on the back slope of Odd Fellows Cemetery.

New lots for sale in Section 01 have been surveyed and marked with corner stones. These lots are located in the front part of the cemetery on the south side. They are in the 898 to 1013 range. The lots for sale are denoted in green on the map below.

Available Plot/Lots for Sale
Available Plot/Lots for SaleNot more than one (1) body, or the cremains of more than two (2) bodies, shall be interred in one grave, vault or crypt without special permission of LOFC.