Mission Statement

Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery, Inc. (“LOFC”) is a 501(c)(13) tax exempt corporation, organized under Mississippi law and registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State as a charitable organization. As such, it must submit an annual Form 990 tax return to the IRS each year, and it must submit an annual report to the Secretary of State. Because of LOFC’s 501(c)(13) qualification, contributions to LOFC are tax deductible.

All corporate reports, tax returns, minutes of board meetings, and corporate financial records are available for public review and inspection upon request made to LOFC at P.O. Box 1213, Lexington, MS 39095, or on its website at domain. Moreover, board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Barrett Law Group, 404 Court Square, 2nd Floor, Lexington, Mississippi and those meetings are open to the public.

The mission of LOFC is to preserve and maintain the historic Odd Fellows Cemetery. LOFC will accomplish its mission by raising money through contributions to an endowment fund that LOFC will invest in a manner designed to produce revenue sufficient, at a time in the future, to cover annual costs for maintenance of the cemetery. In the meantime, the total annual contributions to the fund will be utilized to cover annual maintenance costs first, with the remainder assigned to the endowment fund.

Any questions concerning LOFC may be directed to it at the address set forth below.