Access to Individual Memorial Records of People Buried in the Lexington Oddfellows Cemetery

In our goal of providing you access to more individual memorial records of people buried in the Lexington Oddfellows Cemetery, we added a link on our site to another website where the information was available to the public. Later, we thought it would be easier and more helpful to you if we simply placed on our website that additional individual memorial records information that was already made available to the public at large on the website to which we had a link on our website. Our doing this was certainly permitted under the law. The law is very clear that facts cannot be copyrighted and also that publicly available information, such as the information on the other website, is not restricted from use by others, such as our cemetery.

Unfortunately, and for unfounded reasons, the other website has blocked our cemetery’s access to that website. However, because the individual memorial records information on that other website is, as it has always been, publicly available, all of you may freely still go to that other website and read all of the individual memorial records information on the site.