Interesting History of Old Local Landmark Told By Baxter Wilson

Interesting History of Old Local Landmark Told By Baxter Wilson

March 19, 1931

An interesting account of local history is revealed by Baxter Wilson, one of Lexington's beloved citizens, who knows volumes of interesting and highly informative points regarding the earlier days of Lexington.

Answering a question often asked by many people regarding the old abandoned cemetery across Moccasin Creek, now a part of the tract of land owned by G.W. Stigler, Mr. Wilson said that this was the burial grounds of the city for over a generation.

When Lexington was first settled around 1832, this plot of ground was chosen as the cemetery. Scores of people were interred here until about 1850 when the organization known as the Odd Fellows, who were very active as a fraternal order, bought a strip of ground that was donated to the city as a burial place.

The reason assigned for this change was that the city was rapidly growing and the donors of the present site foresaw the future needs of the community and made a gift possible.

A visit in this area today will show old graves and markers placed in the first cemetery and many of the older citizens can recall the families. It is also related that several other burial spots are found to be over the city, many of them recalled by some of the older citizens.