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Christine Hearn Hammett

Christine Hearn Hammett

Chris Hammett, Vice-President

Christine Hearn Hammett was elected to the Board in 2018 for a ten-year term expiring in 2028. She was also elected as Vice-President and continues to serve in that capacity.

Born in Lexington, Chris attended Tchula Consolidated School and graduated from Cruger Tchula Academy. Chris and husband Richard Hammett have three children and seven grandchildren. She has resided in Lexington for fifty years. A retired legal assistant, it is her love of family and friends that keep her busy with various volunteer projects such as the Jennifer Sterling Brown Animal Rescue of Holmes County, as well as LOFC. Chris is a member of Beulah Baptist Church in Lexington. Chris has Hearn, Hammett, Niles, and Malone family buried at Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery.