Fall Fundraiser

Dear Friends of LOFC:

I visited our cemetery recently and was struck once again by its natural beauty. Autumn has at last – and mercifully – come to Odd Fellows. The trees have exchanged their summer green for lurid reds, bold oranges and bright golds. The grass on the rises and swales has assumed an equable buckskin color as winter approaches. I walk through Odd Fellows, and I see many of the old familiar names: Norquist, Jordan, Noel, Gwin, Durden, McLean, Wright, Hooker, Hammett, Hearn and Wilburn. In the old Jewish section – now subsumed into the whole of the cemetery -- there are markers to those wonderful families of ages past: Flowers, Cohen, Berman, Paris, Lewis, Applebaum, and Sontheimer, who were some of the original settlers of Lexington. The grave markers and monuments, some taller than a man and stained with the patina of age, rise strikingly from the sage-colored grass. Dates on the markers range from recent to pre-Civil War, and small American flags mark the graves of our many veterans, men and women who served their country with honor and pride and courage and distinction in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam.

Thanks to you, our endowment continues to grow, and we, with your support, move slowly toward our ultimate goal of $1 million. Recently, the 2023 LHS Class Reunion Committee, headed by Linda Patton Macmorran and Carol Barton, donated almost $6,000.00. We continue to generate cash flow for the day-to-day maintenance of the cemetery through the Maintenance Club, to which many of you contribute on a monthly basis. For all of you who contribute money or sweat equity or who support us in spirit, we are grateful, and we promise you that your LOFC Board will continue to maintain your cemetery in top condition and will continue to ensure the growth of our cemetery endowment fund, as we strive to become self-sufficient.

I do not ask this of you lightly, but we need to continue our endowment’s growth. Accordingly, I ask that if you can make a gift to our cemetery before the end of the year, your board will be grateful more than this writer’s ability can now express. Therefore, we enclose an addressed envelope to use if you want to make your contribution by check. In the alternative, you can also visit our website at and either make a one-time gift – however small – or join our Maintenance Club and contribute on a monthly basis. Again, and as always, no amount is too small, be it $25.00 or less.

Thank you for your continued support of Odd Fellows. Your board, once again, promises to be good stewards of your money and your cemetery.

 All the best and Happy Thanksgiving,

 Allie S. Povall, Jr.

Former founding member of the LOFC Board and member of the Maintenance Club on behalf of the LOFC Board.

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Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery, Inc. is a 501(c)13 organization and your gifts are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.