Oct 2022
LOFC Maintenance Club

The Cemetery before LOFC started maintenance

The Cemetery after LOFC started maintenance

Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery (LOFC) needs your support!!!

Dear Friends of LOFC,

Please consider joining the LOFC Maintenance Club by making a recurring monthly donation to the cemetery. The objective is to provide a continuous revenue stream that will cover the $4,500 monthly operating expenses needed to upkeep the cemetery. For the price of a dinner out, a business luncheon, or a few cups of coffee, you can help with maintenance of Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery.

LOFC cannot operate without your generous gifts and we will be grateful for any amount you can give because no amount is too small. Remember and honor your family, friends, and loved ones who are buried at LOFC. Become a part of the LOFC Maintenance Club today and together in numbers with multiple donations we can make a difference in the sustained upkeep and historic preservation of Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Click on the button below, select Make A Recurring Gift, choose the amount you want to give, enter your donor information, and select your payment of either credit card or ACH bank draft. Thank you in advance for your generosity because we cannot do this without you!

Click Here to Join the LOFC Maintenance Club


The LOFC Board

* Lexington Odd Fellows Cemetery, Inc. has been officially approved by the I.R.S. as a tax-exempt 501(c)(13) corporation, so all donations to it are tax-deductible.